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Community Profile for Avenue B and C - (Yuma County), AZ

Counties in Avenue B and C AZ: Yuma, AZ

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Community Demographics for Avenue B and C, AZ


  • Population:4,160
  • Labor Force:1,559
  • Small Businesses:38
  • Job Growth (2000-2010):6.4%
  • Unemployment Rate:N/A
  • Median Age:31.66


  • Household Expenditures (Average):$37,404
  • Household Income:$30,175
  • Top State Personal Income Tax:N/A
  • Top State Personal Capital Gains Tax:N/A
  • Top State Corporate Income Tax:N/A
  • Top State Corporate Capital Gains Tax:N/A
  • State Sales Tax:N/A
  • Property Tax:1.2%
  • Home Value:$53,100

Labor Force Quality

  • Bachelors Degree or Higher:10.3%
  • Highschool Degree or Higher:69.4%
  • White Collar Workers:60.9%
  • Blue Collar Workers:41.5%
  • Very Creative Professionals:N/A
  • Creative Professionals:N/A
  • Young and Educated:0.1%
  • International Talent:0.0%
  • Universities in Community:0
  • Universities in Community + 50 miles:1
  • Commute Time:19 minutes