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Many consultants in SBDCs around the country could use more hours in the day. Helping every small business in a timely manner becomes a near impossibility, which can create a problem for entrepreneurs needing help quickly. SizeUp LBI can do some legwork for you. Rather than spend an hour with an aspiring small business owner that has nothing more than a dream, consultants could direct these entrepreneurs to SizeUp LBI to gain initial information toward building a business plan. After loading themselves with information about their industry and how to best succeed, entrepreneurs could then have a more productive meeting with a consultant. Using this strategy the SBDC will have helped an entrepreneur multiple times in just the infancy stage of their business. The entrepreneur would then be able to access SizeUp LBI throughout their businesses life which would keep the SBDC top of mind as a partner making them more likely to come in for future visits AND to direct other entrepreneurs to the SBDC. SizeUp LBI is a must have for SBDC’s evolving with technology!

Give businesses the data they need to succeed

SizeUp for Local Business Intelligence shows businesses how they can grow within your area and stay competitive.


SizeUp for Local Business Intelligence

SizeUp for Local Business Intelligence (SizeUp LBI) shows businesses how they can grow within your area and stay competitive, powered by SizeUp’s groundbreaking and award winning technology. All information is customized to your service area, and SizeUp LBI includes advanced demographics.

Benchmark Performance

See how you size up by comparing your performance to all other competitors in your industry. SizeUp LBI super-crunches millions of data points to answer this question so businesses know where they stand.

Assess Competitiveness

Map where your competitors, customers, and suppliers are located. Determine how you can best serve existing customers, and new customers, and pick suppliers.

Find Best Places to Advertise

Determine the best areas to target your next advertising campaign.

Demographic Analysis

Interactively map demographic, labor force, and consumer expenditure data for your area. Tailor your analysis to the area around an address, or to a custom boundary.

Give businesses the data they need to succeed.

Small businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy, and entrepreneurs work long hours to keep their businesses up and running, providing jobs and benefitting the local economy.

What can you do to help local businesses succeed?

Market research from CEB shows that the number one challenge small businesses face is competition from big businesses, partly because large enterprises can afford the technologies and intelligence to make better decisions about sales, advertising and managing competition. SMBs lack the benchmark data and metrics that they need. Thanks to SizeUp Local Business Intelligence (LBI), your organization can empower local businesses with access to the critical information they need for smart decision-making.

Why SizeUp LBI?

SizeUp LBI quickly and easily offers the data mining and processing intelligence that would otherwise take weeks of time, patience, and expertise. Embed this user-friendly, intuitive, and highly visual small business accelerator on your website, and invite local business owners and managers to quickly get information they need to make intelligent decisions based on high-quality data.

Care about Business Retention?

Business counselors and economic development organizations work incredibly hard to serve the needs of the existing businesses in their communities. SizeUp LBI is a toolset that will help you scale your services to address every member of your business community. Keep your businesses happy by helping them succeed.

Example Clients

Market research and analysis is critical for the success of any small business owner or entrepreneur. Tools like SizeUp deliver data right to the fingertips of business owners to help make smart decisions and have the greatest opportunity to start, grow, compete and succeed.

Karen Mills

Administrator, US Small Business Administration

Empower Local Businesses

Serve, Acquire, and Retain Small Business Customers.

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