SizeUp adds value by integrating business intelligence into existing software products. SizeUp’s market research, analytical insights, and data visualization can supplement an existing product, or it can be combined with your company’s own proprietary data to provide customized intelligence tailored to your specific audience. For example, SizeUp’s API can be used to supercharge directories, accounting, CRM, search, media, banking, finance, real estate, retail and other online services. Any company or industry that serves small businesses is a candidate for SizeUp’s information services.

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Give businesses the data they need to succeed

SizeUp shows businesses how they can grow and be more successful, powered by SizeUp’s groundbreaking and award-winning technology.

SizeUp Integrated into Your Software

SizeUp is designed to help your business customers make smarter decisions based on data. SizeUp shows companies how they can grow, stay competitive, and succeed powered by SizeUp’s groundbreaking and award winning technology. SizeUp can be added into your software or can integrated as a data mash-up with your company’s data.

Benchmark Performance

See how you size up by comparing your performance to all other competitors in your industry. SizeUp LBI super-crunches millions of data points to answer this question so businesses know where they stand.

Assess Competitiveness

Map where your competitors, customers, and suppliers are located. Determine how you can best serve existing customers, and new customers, and pick suppliers.

Find Best Places to Advertise

Determine the best areas to target your next advertising campaign.

Demographic Analysis

Interactively map demographic, labor force, and consumer expenditure data for your area. Tailor your analysis to the area around an address, or to a custom boundary.

Give businesses the data they need to succeed.

Small businesses are 99% of all companies and about half the GDP of most nations. The small business market is a huge opportunity for the financial institutions that can attract, retain, and serve this market segment.

How can SizeUp supplement your software?

SizeUp adds data insights that are specific to unique industries and are hyperlocal. This data can supercharge directories, accounting, CRM, search, media, banking, finance, real estate, insurance, retail, and other online services.

Why SizeUp LBI?

SizeUp LBI quickly and easily offers the data mining and processing intelligence that would otherwise take weeks of time, patience, and expertise. Embed this user-friendly, intuitive, and highly visual small business accelerator on your website, and invite local business owners and managers to quickly get information they need to make intelligent decisions based on high-quality data.

Care about adding value easily?

SizeUp is designed to quickly and easily integrate its Data as a Service (DaaS) into other companies existing software services.

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