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SizeUp helps banks better serve their small business customers through big data. Small businesses are a huge opportunity for banks but are underserved because there are so many small businesses and they are so different. It isn’t practical or cost-effective for banks to provide custom/individualized services for all types of small business customers with only manual/employee service. SizeUp takes a data-driven approach to provide hyper-local and individual business intelligence insights to business banking customers by using big data, computing, mathematical algorithms, and delivering the information over the Internet.

Banks use SizeUp to:


Help their small business customers succeed


Increase engagement with small business customers


Introduce banking products/services to small businesses at strategic decision making moments in the business’ lifecycle


Grow acquisition of new small business customers


Retain existing small business customers

SizeUp is used by some of the largest banks in the USA and Europe. SizeUp can be implemented for community banks, credit unions, large banks, payment cards, and other financial service companies.

Deeper Engagement In Small Business Banking

Savvy financial institutions provide SizeUp FI business intelligence insights as a value-added service to attract new business customers and retain existing customers. These financial institutions are creating greater engagement with their business clients and a deeper partnership in these companies’ success. To learn more about how financial institutions are leveraging small business intelligence, download our report, Financial Institution Online Big Data Platforms to Serve and Acquire Small Business Customers. To learn more about new customer demands and digital expectations for small business banking, download our report, Small Business Banking: New Customer Demands and Digital Expectations.

SizeUp can be implemented in numerous countries and is currently focused on international expansion in North America, Europe, and Latin America.

Vint Cerf, Chief Internet Evangelist at Google; Sheryl Sandberg, COO at Facebook; Vivek Kundra, EVP,; Tim O’Reilly, CEO of O’Reilly Media selected SizeUp for a 1st Place award for a business app that helps businesses be more competitive, improve their success, foster prosperity, and create more jobs.

If you are interested in finding out how SizeUp can help your financial institution serve your small business customers with SizeUp FI, please contact us.

Give business banking customers the data they need to succeed

SizeUp helps small business banking customers make smarter decisions based on data. This enables them to grow, stay competitive, and be more successful. Your financial institution can position itself as a trusted partner in your small business customers’ success by providing them SizeUp digitally through your website and in branch locations through your relationship managers.

SizeUp for Small Business Banking

SizeUp shows businesses how they can grow and be more successful, powered by SizeUp’s groundbreaking and award winning technology. All information is customized to your financial institution’s service area.

Benchmark Performance


Compare personal business ranking to industry competition.

Discover Customers


Find potential customers, suppliers, and analyze the competitive landscape.

Optimize Marketing


Target the most desirable customers to maximize advertising investments.

Give businesses what they want their banks to deliver.

Small businesses are 99% of all companies and about half the GDP of most nations. The small business market is a huge opportunity for the financial institutions that can attract, retain, and serve this market segment.

What do small businesses want from their banks?

Small business’ expectations are evolving and expanding what they expect their banks to provide. Although quality, traditional banking services are important they want more, especially digital, advisory, and value-added services.

According to Boston Consulting Group’s research, the following are the top digital features desired by small businesses from their bank:

Feature Desire
1. End-to-end online fulfillment 94%
2. Single customer view and sign-on 77%
3. All products accessible with one click 77%
4. Peer group comparison 71%
5. Option to tailor products 69%
6. Flexibility 69%
7. Financial planning tools/software 69%
8. Pre-approval of credit request 66%
9. Easy virtual access to RM 66%
10. RM & expert online chat 66%

End-to-end fulfillment, single sign-on, and one-click-access are all common expectations of customers. Perhaps, for some people, the surprising feature small businesses want their bank to deliver to them is “peer group comparison” which is ranked in fourth place. This even ranked ahead of tailored products and pre-approval of credit request.

Small businesses lack the benchmark data and metrics that they need and want. Thanks to SizeUp, your financial service company can empower your small business customers with access to the critical information they need for smart decision-making.

Why SizeUp?

SizeUp empowers your financial service company to quickly and easily offers the data mining and processing intelligence that would otherwise take your small business customers weeks of time, patience, and expertise. Embed this user-friendly, intuitive, and highly visual small business accelerator on your website and make it available to your business banking relationship managers in branch locations. With your new business assistance service you can invite local business owners and managers to quickly get information they need to make intelligent decisions based on high-quality data.

Care about New Customers, Client Retention, Marketing, and Engagement?

You can use SizeUp to introduce your company’s products and services, attract new customers, retain existing customers, and increase engagement with small businesses.


  • SizeUp helps small businesses through all phases of their lifecycle and provides an opportunity to introduce your products and services at these key decision making moments.
  • SizeUp is designed to have non-customers opt-in to a relationship with your company.
  • SizeUp is a customer benefit that makes small businesses want to remain a customer of your company.
  • SizeUp proactively encourages an increase in customer engagement both digitally and in branch locations.
  • SizeUp is completely scalable to serve all of your small business customers with individualized analysis that is valuable to your clients.
  • Keep your businesses happy by helping them succeed.
Market research and analysis is critical for the success of any small business owner or entrepreneur. Tools like SizeUp deliver data right to the fingertips of business owners to help make smart decisions and have the greatest opportunity to start, grow, compete and succeed.

Karen Mills

Administrator, US Small Business Administration

Reports for Financial Service Organizations Better Serving Small Businesses Digitally

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