Utility and Power Companies

Utility companies play an important role in facilitating economic development in the communities they serve by working collaboratively with communities, economic development organizations, and businesses in the areas where they provide service. Innovative utility economic development practitioners are now expanding beyond traditional activities to take advantage of even larger economic growth opportunities by focusing economic development efforts on small and medium-sized businesses which are already located in their service territories and are current customers.

There are clear competitive advantages for utilities focusing economic development resources on small businesses including:
1. Greater job creation and economic impact
2. Direct benefit to existing small business customers
3. Positive impact on the utility’s bottom line
4. Small busineses become utility advocates through goodwill

Power and utility companies provide SizeUp business intelligence insights as a value-added service to support their local businesses and to generate positive community relations. If you are interested in finding out how SizeUp can help your utility company better serve your small business customers, please contact us. SizeUp licenses its service to enterprises that want to dramatically increase customer engagement and interact with their customers in a genuine and impactful way. Enterprises that integrate SizeUp into their online offerings provide valuable individualized insight and develop stronger relationships with their customers.

The New Innovation in Utility Economic Development: Small Business

Online Tools to Compete, Succeed, and Grow

Give your business customers the data they need to succeed

SizeUp for Local Business Intelligence shows businesses how they can grow within your area and stay competitive.

SizeUp for Local Business Intelligence

SizeUp for Local Business Intelligence (SizeUp LBI) shows businesses how they can grow within your area and stay competitive, powered by SizeUp’s groundbreaking and award winning technology. All information is customized to your service area, and SizeUp LBI includes advanced demographics.

Benchmark Performance


Compare personal business ranking to industry competition.

Discover Customers


Find potential customers, suppliers, and analyze the competitive landscape.

Optimize Marketing


Target the most desirable customers to maximize advertising investments.

A new message to your utility’s small business customers

Imagine delivering this type of value proposition you can offer to your small business customers by implementing SizeUp LBI.

Market research and analysis is critical for the success of any small business owner or entrepreneur. Tools like SizeUp deliver data right to the fingertips of business owners to help make smart decisions and have the greatest opportunity to start, grow, compete and succeed.

Karen Mills

Administrator, US Small Business Administration

Give local businesses the data they need to succeed.

Small businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy, and entrepreneurs work long hours to keep their businesses up and running, providing jobs and benefitting the local economy.

What can you do to help local businesses succeed?

Market research from CEB shows that the number one challenge small businesses face is competition from big businesses, partly because large enterprises can afford the technologies and intelligence to make better decisions about sales, advertising and managing competition. SMBs lack the benchmark data and metrics that they need. Thanks to SizeUp Local Business Intelligence (LBI), your organization can empower local businesses with access to the critical information they need for smart decision-making.

Why SizeUp LBI?

SizeUp LBI quickly and easily offers the data mining and processing intelligence that would otherwise take weeks of time, patience, and expertise. Embed this user-friendly, intuitive, and highly visual small business accelerator on your website, and invite local business owners and managers to quickly get information they need to make intelligent decisions based on high-quality data.

Care about How Your Business Customers Perceive Your Utility?

Instead of seeing your utility as a necessary cost of doing business, what if they saw you as a partner helping them succeed? You can change how they see you by becoming an authentic partner in their business’ growth by giving them the information they want with SizeUp LBI.

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