For Companies with Small Business Customers

Large enterprises want to get and retain small business customers. Small businesses represent 99% of all businesses and about half of the Gross Domestic Product of every country in the world. So small businesses represent a valuable customer market segment.

However, serving small businesses is difficult because there are so many of them and they are all so different. Some large companies try to serve small businesses with a standard product or service offering for all types of small businesses. This doesn’t work well because small businesses are diverse. At SizeUp we take a different approach, which is a data-driven approach. Though big data, algorithms, computing, and the Internet SizeUp delivers completely individualized market research and business intelligence for our large company clients so they can deliver this value to their small business customers.

Although large companies can afford to hire expensive management consultants or employ in-house analysts, small businesses can’t afford to do so and often wouldn’t know how to make sense of the data even if it was available to them. Yet in today’s information economy, a business without access to information risks having stunted economic productivity.

SizeUp enables large companies to change their relationship with their small business customers so that they have an authentic partnership in which they help their small businesses grow. This leads to an opportunity to introduce the large company’s products and services, acquisition of new customers, retention of current customers, and increased customer engagement digitally and face-to-face. All of these lead to the success of both the large enterprise and their small business customers.

To learn more how your company can better serve your small business customers please contact SizeUp.