Growing From Within- Help Your Chamber Members “SizeUp”

There is a saying in the Chamber world that goes “if you’ve seen one Chamber, you’ve seen one Chamber.” This saying does have a lot of truth because every Chamber serves a different community, which has a different business and political environment. It is also true because many Chambers have a somewhat unique structure. Maybe the things that make us different aren’t important and we should instead focus on what all Chambers have in common? First and foremost, every Chamber of Commerce exists for the purpose of helping small businesses prosper. They do this in numerous ways which include but are not limited to: politically advocating on behalf of the business community, providing networking opportunities, and educating small businesses by bringing in experts to speak about different subjects. Often, I hear leaders that get too focused on finding more members. If we instead focus our time and efforts on things that will add value to what we offer with membership, membership numbers will take care of themselves. If your organization directly impacts every member, they won’t hesitate to cut a check when their annual invoice comes in the mail each year. During this webinar, I’ll be sharing with you a Business Intelligence tool called SizeUp LBI and showing you how your team should use it to provide more value to current and future members. This tool is something that can directly impact every small business in your community, which, consequently, should greatly increase your membership numbers. True “win-win” situations are hard to find in today’s world but I look forward to showing you a great example of one!
“You have to generate revenue as efficiently as possible. And to do that, you must create a data-driven sales culture. Data trumps intuition” – Dave Elkington, CEO and Founder of
Join us for a practical discussion on SizeUp for Local Business Intelligence (LBI) with market intelligence expert, Mark Hays. You will learn exactly how this tool can help your local businesses or chamber members succeed.

Presented in 2014.