Banking Small Businesses in Latin America Using Big Data

This Fintech presentation by SizeUp discusses the use of non-traditional financial online tools to serve small businesses by Latin American banks in the FINPYME Forum session “Fintech Innovation to Improve Client Relations and SME Capacities” in Medellin, Colombia on September 22, 2015.
The session, which included presentations from leading Fintech companies from around the world, maintained the conference’s theme of the day. They featured value-added services enabled by digital technologies that drastically reduce costs. These solutions can augment financial institutions’ service offerings to improve SMEs´ business performance and repayment capacities, resulting in improved client relations and customer retention rates, as well as lower risk of default in SME portfolios. Presenters will demonstrate how these innovative mechanisms can create new business opportunities for banks, SMEs, and non-traditional lending partners throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. In this dynamic session, specialized Fintech companies will have less than 10 minutes each to pitch their innovative solutions. Presentations included the following Fintech companies: Strands, BCSG, SizeUp, Red Zebra, Trefi, eFactorNetwork, and Billpocket. The session was opened by Ruth Polachek, Head of Citi Accelerator and External Innovation, Citi Innovation Lab and moderated by Matteo Rizzi, Co-Founder of FintechStage.