FinTechVisor Connects Banks and Fintech Startups

Efma and Capgemini launched the FinTechVisor platform as a digital solution to connecting banks and fintech startups. The primary objective of FinTechVisor is to enable faster and better collaboration between these two groups. SizeUp, Token, and cbot were invited to speak about the challenges and opportunities of fintech companies working with banks at the launch of the FinTechVisor service. Elias Ghanem, VP of Capgemini, presented findings of the landscape of relationships between banks and startups. He discussed paradigm shifts, buying experience vs. products, ownership vs. access, big tech vs. traditional banks, financial services being forced to reinvent themselves, and findings of the World Fintech Report (customer centricity, complimentary strengths, selecting correct partners). He further explained how Capgemini has a process by which fintechs can be certified on the FinTechVisor platform through Capgemini’s evaluation process. Lubomir Olach, Director of International Development at Efma, explained the process for Fintech startups to join the FinTechVisor platform. A discussion with senior members of SizeUp, Token, and bot addressed the specific difficulties and benefits of working with banks from the direct experience and perspective of Fintechs. The fintech panel included Anatalio Ubalde of SizeUp, Eylem Basturk of bot, and Michael O’Loughlin of Token.

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