How to Do Great Digital Economic Development

Digital economic development is not only mandatory but is now also essential to be at the core of economic development programs and operations. Today, EDOs need all of the correct digital tools to succeed. EDOs that aren’t digital will experience substandard results. However, it’s challenging for economic developers to keep up with all the trends or know all of the technology they need to effectively achieve their economic development goals. This session – led by recognized global experts in digital economic development – will present, in easy-to-understand terms, exactly what EDOs need to succeed in digital economic development. Topics will include digital local business assistance, virtual reality, site selection, CRM, BRE, entrepreneurship, and more.

Attendees will learn:
1. Why digital has become mandatory for achieving basic economic development objectives.
2. Practical case-studies of implementing core economic development technology for digital transformation of your EDO
3. How economic developers that are not digital natives can quickly and easily implement the digital programs needed for success without needing to be an internet expert.

* Mark Hays, Director, SizeUp
* Chris Knight, CCO, Wavteq
* John Marshall, President, Golden Shovel Agency
* Russ Riblett, Vice President, GIS Planning

* Aaron Brossoit, CEO, Golden Shovel Agency
* Anatalio Ubalde, Financial Times & SizeUp