Albuquerque Economic Development Launches SizeUp Data Tool Resource For Businesses

An article in Albuquerque Business First, the local business journal of the Albuquerque region, explains the value of SizeUp and its launch in the article, “Albuquerque Economic Development launches ‘SizeUp’ data tool as a resource for businesses”.

“As economic developers, we have to figure out where our gaps are in helping our current business and future business that want to be here,” said Danielle Casey, president of Albuquerque Economic Development. “This one tool in particular is great because it’s very turn-key, but it’s built on really big data and it’s something we can sponsor for the good of the region … If you’re a data geek, you can get lost in that data for days.”

“I am thrilled at the unveiling of this new resource because it aligns perfectly with the mission and purpose that the Albuquerque Forward Fund was created to serve, which is delivering resources that empower the local business community,” said Leean Kravitz, Albuquerque Forward Fund board chair.

Read the full article on the Albuquerque Business First website.

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National Economic Development Leader Cecilia Harry Joins SizeUp

National Economic Development Leader Cecilia Harry Joins SizeUp

Cecilia Harry joins SizeUp’s leadership team as Vice President of Economic Development. Harry will lead growth and strategy to bring SizeUp business intelligence tools to small businesses and entrepreneurs through economic development organizations, chambers of commerce, entrepreneurial ecosystems, and libraries.