SizeUp Bakersfield Offers Free Access to Business Information Helpful to Entrepreneurs

The Bakersfield California article “Bakersfield’s SizeUp service offers free access to business information helpful to entrepreneurs” explained that the launch of SizeUp Bakersfield “comes at a time of heightened national interest in entrepreneurship and, locally, a concerted effort to cultivate small business as a means of job creation and economic vitality.”

According to the article , “Mayor Karen Goh described the service as a new form of support for entrepreneurs whose prospects for success would otherwise be limited by a lack of sophisticated business intelligence.”

“The market research and business insights we provide through this new tool will enable small businesses to compete on the same level as well-funded and larger corporations,” said Mayor Goh.

“We are excited about adding SizeUp to the tools we use in assisting entrepreneurs access and analyze potential of a new business or one wanting to expand,” said Kelly Bearden, director of Cal State Bakersfield’s Small Business Development Center, after seeing the formal launch online. “This in-depth data used when planning a business opportunity,” he added, “will only enhance the chances of success.”

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