Division of Small Business Launches Website designed to Support Small Businesses

Delaware Public Media’s radio story about the launch of the Delaware Division of Small Business’s SizeUp Delaware explains that, “[SizeUpDelaware] really provides small businesses with different tools so that they can help improve their business,” said Welch. “It can help them to rank their business performance compared to any of their competitors; they can find new customers and suppliers and better understand their competitive landscape. And then they can also use it to really optimize advertising to make sure they’re targeting the right customers for their business” said Communications director Jessica Welch. The story explains that it can also help someone just starting their business discern where in the First State their business could be the most profitable.

“We have about 25,000 small businesses in Delaware. And they account for about 98% of all of the businesses in the State and more than 55% of the workforce,” said Welch. “So we know small businesses are huge in Delaware; they’re a huge economic driver throughout the country, but particularly in our State, especially because we’re such a small State.”

Listen to the whole story on Delaware Public Media. https://www.delawarepublic.org/delaware-headlines/2022-05-10/division-of-small-business-launches-new-website-designed-to-support-small-businesses

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